Elen Living HOUSE SCHOOL blue

Avalability: Skladem

Let me introduce you the second of a series of "furniture townhouses" in a blue color.

Individual "houses" can be part of a children's bedroom furniture suite, as well as an original solitaire in the living room or as a shoe cabinet.

The cabinets fulfill the simplicity and minimalism of today's times, but at the same time it acts as a cute piece or as a whole that you want to have at home and share a unique moment with your child.

Adding a descriptive tables to sign an interactive banner and light inside that gently penetrates through the window will create an atmosphere according to your children's mood and sleep will be even more beautiful!
The light can be purchased separately in the accessories section, the 2 description tables/signs are always included.

Find out more about the story of the cabinets in the main section of the HOUSES.
- you will get in two packages, in an unfolded state with clear instructions and with all the necessary components to assemble it,
- always contains:
- 5 shelves and 1 rack, if you decide to change,
- 2 descriptive tables where you can use your imagination,
- adjustable legs to compensate for the unevenness of your floor,
- from the safety point of view, it always contains wall mount components!

Height 180 cm
Width 50
Depth 40
Weight 45 kg

see photo in the gallery

Body: Particleboard
Roof and front / cabinet doors: sprayed MDF
Windows: sprayed MDF

Wipe with a damp cloth.

The package does not contain the light, which can be purchased separately in the accessories section.

778 €
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