Avalability: Skladem

Elen Living Teepee Comet white

Tepee is made from natural materials.

Package includes:

fabric - 100% Cotton - NEW - Canvas material - very nice, thick and heavy fabric / 240 g/m2
4 pieces of wooden rods / SQUARE BASE
cotton bag that lets you easily take the tent also to the exteriors


rod length is 180 cm
after stretching the teepees high is 160 cm
height of teepee inside the tent is 130 cm
diameter of the teepee base is 150 cm
Each side is 110 cm long

The rounded and smooth bars are hidden in tent tunnels sewn at the bottom.
Tent is stable and easy to handle. Folded tent takes a minimal space in the room corner, hidden in a neat bag.

Fabrics are removable and washable up to 30 ° C.

Teepee does not include the pillows and mats, but they can be purchased separately.

The mat is made of 100% cotton too. It is an ideal complement to the teepee to achieve greater comfort for your children.

99 €
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