It has been always my dream to create a product that would my kids as well as other kids like and enjoy...

I spent a long time to think about the right thing. Because it has been long time for me to be at home with kids I started with my design school to kick of my thoughts.
The first thought that I was just absolutely thrilled of was teepee for children.
This fascinated me with its simplicity and cute design. Kids felt in love with it....and there started my story.
Since this time I offer hand crafted tents designed by me for kids with love and passion. You can use them for interior as well as exterior and his small storability and easy handling is another advantage of product I love.
I know that I am just on beginning of my work, so you can definitely look forward to see my later new products.





Imagine how to hide from the herd of buffalo in the room next to your bed ...

The idea of Elen Living is that everyone has to have a place to learn, to form.

Our teepee provides the space, which support creativity and allow the children imagination to blossom. Teepees can enjoy big and small children - they can create their own world. First teepee was designed for our two children to create a secondary place for them - they have always tried to find some kind of refuge. A place where they could develop their ideas, thoughts and whisper to each other their secrets. Place for their friends, where they could together share their stories, or spend just a lazy afternoon full of giggles and relaxation.

This secret place that provides a teepee, can be created in any environment - in small or large rooms, children rooms and  living rooms or in every place of ​​your apartment or house. Surely everyone will choose one that will most delight the soul of your children.